Our Nannies Bringing Imagination to Life: Thinker-Tales, An Interactive Story time Class

November 4th, 2019
by A Nanny Match

Our Nannies Bringing Imagination to Life:  Thinker-Tales,...

Meet Dannah, an A Nanny Match nanny and the creator and operator of Thinkertales, a mommy and me interactive storytime class.

Along with many years of experience as a nanny, Dannah has a background and education in dramatic arts and creative writing. By implementing elements from the Montessori-method and guidance from speech pathologists and early childhood educators, Dannah created a fully engaging, immersive storytime experience. 

What can you expect from a Thinkertales class? 

Thinkertakes inspires children to use their imagination and learn that they are the captains on their minds.

In every class, there are books, activities, songs, and a “Thinker.” A Thinker comes in stuffie or puppet form guides the class through the theme of the day.  As the class engages with the Thinker and stories, activities are introduced. Activities focus on developing fine and gross motor skills, language skills, and physical fitness. Open play with the activity’s materials is also encouraged to allow the children’s imaginations to wander while developing social and communication skills. 

Creativity, kindness, helping others, and following your dreams are all major themes.

Children learn how to use their imagination to let it take them anywhere they want to go, and that what they see in books or in their dreams can be real!

Location and Information

Dannah is offering a free trial class to A Nanny Match families. To sign up, visit www.thinkertales.com/trialclass

Thinkertales is held in TriBeCa at Downtown Dance Factory, 291 Broadway 4th floor, New York, NY on Thursdays from 9:30-10:30 am and is open to children aged 0-4 years old.