Meet Our Nannies: Danielle

May 6th, 2019
by Jessie Brand

Meet Our Nannies: Danielle

A Nanny Match is honored to have the opportunity to work with some of the best nannies in NYC and the surrounding areas. We wouldn’t be able to do our jobs without the amazing nannies we work with, and we’d like to say thank you. This week’s blog post is a special shout-out to the wonderful nanny, Danielle.

Danielle is an incredibly passionate, warm, and dedicated nanny with eleven years of childcare experience and an extensive amount of childcare education and training.

We interviewed Danielle a couple of times before placing her in her ideal full-time nanny position. Here are some things she had to say:


What ages do you have the most experience with?

D: I have the most experience with newborns and infants!


What do you love most about being a nanny in NYC?

D: There is so much to do here, not just classes or events geared toward children but art galleries and parks that children can experience and enjoy!


What do you think are some of the most important qualities and characteristics a person should have to be a successful nanny?

D: I think to be successful you have to be patient, kind, positive, and most importantly have open communication with the family you are working with!


You have many certifications ranging from newborn care, nanny training, and a certification in Montessori education, what inspires you to take these courses?

D: I’ve known for a long time that being a nanny was my career. It’s something that I’ve loved and I wanted to find ways to improve myself and the quality of childcare I was offering to families.


What are some of the most important lessons you’ve gained from taking these courses?

D: As someone who worked with newborns, the NCS certification was an obvious choice as I wanted to make sure I knew everything I possibly could when it came to newborns. As for the Montessori teaching diploma, I’ve always found teaching is an important part of nannying.


How do you implement them in your daily work life?

D: Working on things such as speech and phonetics and practicing practical life skills is something I have always enjoyed and bring into my daily nannying.


How do you incorporate your creativity into your work with children?

D: So many ways! I have my Bachelors Degree in costume design and love to bring fabrics for tactile exercises! Besides that, there are so many creative activities you can do with children to help them explore and work on their motor skills!


What are your favorite activities to do with the child you care for?

D: I love outdoor activities because there are so many possibilities! Talking about and exploring colors, animals, and plants can be extremely stimulating for children.


Every nanny position, sadly, must eventually come to an end. What are some of the difficulties in finding a new nanny position?

D: For me, it is always important to find the right fit. Nannying is such a special career and you want to find a family you can really be a part of!


What are some methods you’ve used to find new nanny jobs?

D: The two main methods I have used are referrals from friends and agencies. At first, the idea of working with an agency was intimidating but I have found that it has been the best method so far! A Nanny Match worked with me and actually cared about what I was looking for in a family. It was important for them to find the right fit and a long-lasting relationship, and they were able to match me with my unicorn family!


What recommendations might you have for nannies searching for an ideal nanny position?

D: Be yourself and go with your gut! It’s so important to have a great bond with the child and the family you’ll be working with. Talk to other nanny friends and really just keep searching and don’t give up! Your unicorn family is out there!


What do you love most about being a nanny?

D: This is the toughest question because there are so many things. I love getting to know a child’s personality, knowing what their favorite song or food is. Getting to help teach them and help them explore the subjects they enjoy. And, of course, being able to help and be apart of an amazing family!


When Danielle is not working her full-time position with a wonderful A Nanny Match family, she is available for date night and weekend babysitting for NYC families. Contact us today to learn more.