5 Reasons To Bring a Travel Nanny

March 25th, 2019
by Jessie Brand

5 Reasons To Bring a Travel Nanny

The best family vacations are an enormous amount of fun and the creation of memories that last a lifetime. But the reality is that with tired children and mishaps that are bound to happen, the experience can often feel like more work and less play.

However, it is possible for you and your children to take full advantage of your holiday by bringing a trusted nanny!

Don't have a nanny? Travel nannies can be hired specifically for short term positions to assist families with their travels.

Here are 5 Reasons to Hire a Travel Nanny:


1. Easy Breezy Scheduling

Maintaining children's sleeping and eating schedules can be a daunting task even on the day-to-day, let alone in another time zone. By hiring a travel nanny, you will have a trained childcare professional by your side. Travel nannies can help you meet your family’s needs without having to miss out on any planned activities. Exhausted child after a long flight? No problem, your nanny can take him back to the room for his much-needed rest while you remain free to explore.

2. Trustworthy Childcare  

Hotel and resort childcare services may not be the best option, especially in a different country. The sitters may not be childcare providers at all, but instead employees of the hotel. And there may be a language barrier that makes communication a safety issue. By hiring a fully vetted travel nanny, you will know exactly who she is, and that you and your children’s needs will be met.

3. Travel Nannies Can Be Specific to the Region

Travel nannies will help make your experience run smoother, especially in another country if they speak the language! You can find nanny agencies all over the world. A Nanny Match has a base in Positano, Italy and serves the Amalfi Coast and Rome.

4. Alone Time 

Family vacations are an awesome experience for the whole family, but adult alone time is essential. If you're planning on having some solo downtime, date nights, and/or "kid-unfriendly" excursions, bringing a nanny is the way to go. Travel nannies are trustworthy, reliable and completely flexible to accommodate your schedule.

5. Alleviate Stress 

That's what vacation is for!

But leaving your children with a sitter who is not fully checked out is stressful. Knowing they're in safe hands and having fun makes it easier for you to enjoy your alone time.

Many local nanny agencies will provide the travel nanny service. If you are located in the same city as the nanny, you can easily meet the nanny before you go. If you’re local to NYC or traveling to Italy, A Nanny Match has a base of trusted local sitters already there, thus saving you costs on flights.

Kick back and relax on your best family vacation ever!