What is National Nanny Recognition Week?

September 16th, 2022
by A Nanny Match

What is National Nanny Recognition Week?

As National Nanny Recognition Week approaches, we thought it might be helpful to share some insight on the history of this celebration and share ideas on how you can celebrate your nanny and show your appreciation.

This year, Nanny Recognition Week is being held September 18th-24th. This celebration was created by a group of dedicated industry leaders and nannies over 20 years ago to draw attention to the many positive aspects of nannies that can sometimes get overlooked. 

Today, NNRW is celebrated internationally, with nannies, agencies, and parents finding creative ways to get together and celebrate loving childcare providers. 

Here are a few ideas we’d like to share:

For Employers

Looking for ways to celebrate National Nanny Recognition Week this year and show your nanny just how much they mean to you? We’ve curated a list of ways to celebrate your nanny during this week and all year round.

For Nannies

For nannies seeking help initiating the conversation around National Nanny Recognition Week, check out this helpful letter that the NNRW organization has drafted for you to use! 

For Agencies

Hosting events, sharing appreciation towards your nannies, and educating clients on how they can celebrate their nannies are great ways to participate in NNRW. 
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No matter how you choose to celebrate your nanny this week and every week, we sincerely hope you take the time to do so. A great nanny has such a positive impact, not only on children’s lives but also on the family’s lives, they deserve to be celebrated.

Join us in celebrating National Nanny Recognition Week this September 18th-24th!