Nurturing Wellness: A Nanny Match Collaborates with Freya Movement Studio

December 21st, 2023
by A Nanny Match

Nurturing Wellness: A Nanny Match Collaborates with Freya...

We're thrilled to share some exciting news about our partnership with Freya Movement Studio, a beacon of support and strength for prenatal and postpartum individuals based right here in NYC. At A Nanny Match, we understand the unique challenges and joys of early parenthood, and our collaboration with Freya Movement Studio is designed to enhance the well-being of the families we serve.

Now, let's dive into the expertise and insights of Jenny Hoofnagle, Co-Founder of Freya Movement Studio. Jenny is a passionate advocate for postpartum wellness and a dedicated professional committed to helping individuals feel empowered and confident on and off the workout mat.

Join us as we explore the transformative power of movement for postpartum individuals and discover how our partnership aims to provide seamless support on your path to holistic well-being.

A Note from Freya Movement Studio’s Co-Founder:

Hello, A Nanny Match community! 

I’m Jenny Hoofnagle, a Co-Founder of Freya Movement Studio. We are a fitness studio, based in NYC, dedicated to helping prenatal AND postpartum people feel safe, seen, supported and STRONG during pregnancy and the recovery period after giving birth.

We’re excited to share some ways movement is beneficial during your postpartum journey. We know that it can be challenging, after welcoming your new little one, to find time to take care of yourself in addition to your baby. However, we hope that the positive impacts we’re sharing today can help you take to heart that you deserve “me time” to focus on your mind, body and spirit. We always say: self care is the most selfless thing you can do!

A sense of community and a boost in mental health:

Our clients share that the postpartum period can feel isolating and overwhelming. This is, ultimately, the number one reason we created Freya Movement Studio as a third space for new birthing parents to find connection with others at this pivotal time in their lives. 

We find that bringing people together for movement is an incredibly healing experience and have seen how the sense of community you can gain, specifically by attending group workouts in a room filled with a group of people experiencing this major life milestone at the same time as you, can be a powerful experience for your internal life as well as your physical one.

By adding movement to your daily routine, starting slowly according to your ability and only intensifying your movement after being cleared to do so by your doctor, you can experience a boost in mood and possibly even prevent postpartum depression. With 1 in 5 birthing people suffering from postpartum depression, this study that recently reported that 3-4 sessions of cardio related exercise for 35-45 minutes has a significant impact on mood, is another reason it’s so important to make time for yourself in the early months of motherhood. 
Of course, if you are experiencing mental health challenges after having your baby, we always encourage folks to connect with a professional mental healthcare provider or postpartum support group for further assistance. We love Postpartum Support International for a comprehensive resource.

Starting sooner leads to lifelong benefits:

It’s been found that if one does begin or return to healthy movement after they have a baby, they will be more likely to continue to incorporate movement into their lifestyle long term. Even if you have to get your movement in as “snacks,” 10 minutes here and there while baby is sleeping, enjoying tummy time or just before your bedtime, starting can be a huge milestone to overcome which can have a lasting impact over time.

Movement Heals:

Movement aids in healing, whether you give birth vaginally or via C-section. In accordance with the America College of Obstetrics and Gynecology’s guidelines, we recommend beginning to practice pelvic floor and transverse abdominal draw ins along with diaphragmatic breathing as soon as possible (even okay the day of) after you give birth. This will encourage more timely and proper function and healing of the abdominals and pelvic floor muscles, which take on a lot of added stress during pregnancy, labor and delivery. 

In the first few days, it’s important to listen to your body and move about, interact with your baby, and begin to do more around the house slowly, only as you’re able to handle. 

In the first few weeks, walks can help support circulation and prevent blood clots which you are at higher risk for during pregnancy and shortly after delivery.

Your body, brain and lifestyle undergo so many changes throughout the journey to conceive, pregnancy and the postpartum period. Ultimately, it can take up to a year for your body to return to your own “normal.”

What’s next?:

This process can come along with unexpected turns and be riddled with questions about where to begin and how to know what’s “right” or “wrong.” While your body is healing and in a more fragile state, it’s incredibly important to find a trusted, well educated and experienced trainer to guide you successfully through this process back to your pre pregnancy fitness routine. At Freya Movement, we pride ourselves in being a member of your care team that truly makes you and your body the rule, not the exception when it comes to rehabilitation through exercise.

A Special Offer for the A Nanny Match Community:

At Freya Movement Studio, we're thrilled to be part of A Nanny Match's commitment to comprehensive care for families. Our partnership is not just about exercise; it's about creating a lasting support system for caregivers and parents. 

We believe in the power of movement to heal and empower, and we're excited to offer the A Nanny Match community a special opportunity to experience it firsthand. As a token of our appreciation, use code ANM23 to enjoy your first class with us for free. Visit our website to redeem this special offer today.

We look forward to moving and growing together!