What to Expect in the Nanny Industry 2022

January 25th, 2022
by A Nanny Match

What to Expect in the Nanny Industry 2022

There's no doubt that private in-home childcare is in higher demand than ever due to the pandemic. It remains the safest and most flexible arrangement. 

However, many employers are feeling the burn of rising salaries, and nannies are struggling to adapt to changes in job requirements. 

We asked our Founder and CEO, Kristen, and other industry leaders to share their thoughts on what to expect in 2022. 

  1. Demand for Nannies in the Suburbs

Since the pandemic began, many working professionals have fled the city and moved their families to the suburbs. 

Currently, the supply of professional nannies in the suburbs can't meet the demand. 

However, many teachers, healthcare professionals, and college graduates are interested in private in-home childcare. They often have childcare experience but may not have the standard 2+ years of nanny experience expected by families and agencies.

Kristen began her career in childcare as a full-time nanny for three children while attending college full-time."By evaluating candidates' general knowledge about childcare and their work ethic, passion, energy, and drive over the amount of experience they have, you can increase the likelihood of finding a great fit."

These professionals and college graduates, who love children, can make excellent nannies. As the industry becomes more legitimized with legal pay and benefits, we expect to find more fantastic candidates in the suburbs. 

  1. Legal Pay Requirements 

Most nannies needed unemployment in 2020-21, and they now understand the critical benefits of legal compensation.

Due to issues around unemployment, many employers that paid "off the books" faced audits and lawsuits and will only pay legally "on the books" now.

A recent survey from GTM payroll service, a premier nationwide nanny payroll service, suggests the rest of the country is catching up with the priorities in the cities, "46% of nannies surveyed (in the U.S.) say they are unlikely to take a job that is paid under the table… if a family wants to pay illegally, they will have to cut their candidate pool in half." - H.R.

We foresee requirements for legal payment, from both sides, increasing over the next year. 


  1. Vaccine Requirements 

It's required for adults to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor classes or activities in NYC and many other areas. 

Since the vaccine became available in 2021, our clients say they are vaccinated against COVID-19 and require the vaccination for the job.

We don't see this requirement for nanny positions going anywhere anytime soon. 

       4. Summers and the City

Summer in the city is arguably one of the best times of the year. But with quarantines, capacity restrictions, and risk of exposure in close quarters and indoors, people don't just want more outdoor space; they need it. 

Many families that moved back to the city have officially planted roots with second homes they visit throughout the school year.

These days, more childcare positions require travel for at least two-four weeks and up to half of the year. 

The extra flexibility and inflation contribute to increasing salary expectations from nannies who can travel. 


  1. Hybrid Nanny Positions 

To accommodate all the changes over the past two years, we've seen a lot of success with hybrid nanny positions.

From Family Assistant/Nanny roles to pod learning groups, we've even placed nannies in partially remote positions!

There's a lot of interest from both families and nannies in these hybrid positions. 

For nannies, it's an excellent opportunity to broaden their skills. 

Families who only need part-time childcare can seek more serious candidates who need full-time hours by offering hybrid roles. 


As always, we prioritize performing customized searches for families and making compatible matches between nannies & families to help create long-lasting, meaningful relationships.