How to Thank Your Nanny During the Holidays

December 2nd, 2021
by Jessie Brand

How to Thank Your Nanny During the Holidays

The 2021 holiday season is here, can you believe it?

The next few weeks serve as the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for the people in your life, including your children's nanny.

Here are four ways you can thank your nanny this holiday season:

  1. A Heartfelt Gift

If you are planning to exchange gifts with your nanny, consider sitting down with your little ones and making a heartfelt gift for them! 

Not only will your nanny love this special gift, but they will also be sure to hold onto it for many years to come. Looking for gift inspiration? Visit our Holiday Gift Pinterest Board today!

Nannies also love gifts such as gift cards, tickets to a show, or simply an item that reminds you of them. 

  1. A Holiday Bonus

A great way to recognize your appreciation for your nanny is to give them a holiday bonus. A recent study found that 97 percent of parents plan on giving their nannies a bonus this holiday season. 

The most popular bonus amount for full-time nannies is one-two week’s pay, however, the amount can be more or less depending on factors such as length of service, job performance, and your family’s financial situation. 

  1. Offer Additional Paid Days Off

Offering your nanny additional paid time off is a great way to show your appreciation for all that they do for your family, as well as show them you’re dedicated to providing them with a great work-life balance. 

On top of giving them off for the usual paid holidays, consider giving them off an extra day or two before/after those holidays to allow them to spend time with their family and celebrate. 

  1. Share a Holiday Meal 

What better way to show your nanny that they’re part of the family than by sharing a special holiday meal with them? Invite your nanny to stay for dinner one night and dine in on a holiday meal. 

Not sure what to cook or order in? Here is a list of meals to try, but we’re sure no matter what you make, your nanny will appreciate being invited for a meal so much! 

The holidays serve as the perfect time to remind those in your life just how much they mean to you. Nannies truly do become an extended part of your family, and it’s so important to show them just how much you appreciate their hard work and commitment. 

We hope you take the time this holiday season to celebrate and thank your childcare provider for all the love they share with your children and family.