Kristen Szapka

Founder & Lead Placement Consultant  

Kristen established A Nanny Match in 2015 to bridge the gap between the outdated traditional agency structure and unregulated online platforms and social media with a more personalized approach to sourcing great nannies and matching them with great families. 

Kristen has over 20 years of experience in the nanny industry and a background in recruiting, teaching, and customer service. Working in Chelsea art galleries, she excelled in customer care with high-profile clients. As a teacher, she studied child development and worked with families of all backgrounds. She was an NYC nanny for ten years before starting A Nanny Match. She understands what makes a good nanny vs. a great nanny.

Kristen has a caring approach to working with people, and she is sensitive to the needs of children, parents, and childcare providers. She values hard work, providing superior service, and building strong relationships.





Social Media & Public Relations Manager

Jessie works diligently to create eye-catching and unique content for our social media accounts. She keeps our pages updated with new information and maintains a visually cohesive aesthetic. 

As PR Manager, she is our liaison and promotes growth with partnerships in the U.S. and abroad. 

With a background in early childhood development and professional nanny experience, she understands how to genuinely connect with our audience. 

Jessie started as our social media intern in 2018 during her junior year at Pace University where she majors in PR & Marketing. Almost immediately, she understood how to effectively display our mission. She was hired on as our Social Media & PR Manager in 2019. 

Her upbeat and positive personality along with her dedication to her role makes Jessie an asset to the A Nanny Match team and we are grateful to have her!



Assistant Director 

Marina is a mother of 3 children and a former nanny with over 10 years of experience and with a background and education in Early Childhood Development. 

Marina’s studies include a Bachelor’s in Educational Studies and Human Development, Childhood Psychology, Communication Disorders, and Special education. 

She is also the owner of a thriving dog care and boarding company in Connecticut, Pup Paradise.

Marina brings her extensive caretaking knowledge, customer service, and experience as a business owner to the A Nanny Match team as our Lead Recruiter and Assitant Director. She screens applicants and communicates with candidates to guide them through the application process.

Marina’s warmth, professionalism, and sound judgment make her an invaluable member of the A Nanny Match team!


Executive Coordinator

Cindy is a dedicated and detail-oriented Executive Administrative Professional with over 10 years of experience managing operations, processes, and logistics. 

As the Executive Coordinator at A Nanny Match, her role covers many areas of the company. She is a direct liaison between Kristen, the team, and all of our clients and nannies. She oversees administration, correspondence,  scheduling, document management, and overall coordination and management of process flow. 

With a background in Psychology, she is well versed,  capable, and experienced in handling complex and multifaceted tasks. What sets her apart is her ability to build rapport and lead through empathy, intuition, mutual understanding, patience, and listening skills.

Throughout her career and personal endeavors, she has always sought ways to give back to the community wherever she is.

She takes pride in organizing volunteer initiatives and fundraising events. If she is not volunteering at a children's hospital or charity, You can find her fostering or walking dogs at the local humane society. In her downtime, you can catch her practicing yoga, reading, painting, or traveling. She can be described as an artistic, free-spirited, and expressive individual.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank



Allie Faythe

Lead Boston Placement Specialist

We are thrilled to have Allie as our Boston Nanny Placement Specialist!

Allie started her career as a youth talent agent, placing and recruiting top Disney Channel and Nickelodeon talent in many iconic shows our children know and love today. After realizing her passion for working 1-on-1 with children and families, she transitioned to full-time in-home care for high-profile families in L.A. 

After ten years of experience as a nanny traveling around the world, based in L.A, NYC, London, and Boston, she honed in on helping other nannies and families find and cultivate the same rich experiences and symbiotic relationships that she had and enjoyed as a caregiver herself. 

Allie is intuitive, knowledgable, and nurturing, and she brings a sense of calm and comfort to families seeking their ideal caregiver. She leads with the principle that every child and family has different needs in her careful, thorough, and heartfelt searches for each family. She understands the right caregiver’s approach and expectations will align with the family’s. 

Allie holds a B.A. in Theater Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Development from Emerson College in Boston, MA. She has completed advanced coursework in Developmental Child Psychology along with a focus on Postpartum Depression and Mental Health at Antioch University in Los Angeles, CA. 

She is a trained Newborn Care Specialist, Postpartum Doula, and infant nanny.

Allie is ideally positioned to foster long-lasting and sustainable relationships between children, families, and loving caregivers.

Kristen and Allie have had a professional working relationship for years and we are grateful to have her as ANM's Lead Placement Specialist for Boston!